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Welcome to Luno in France, learn a bit more about us and find your place in the team

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Luno in France

With a vibrant tech centre and a leading role in crypto regulation, France is building a name for itself in the crypto space. As one of the few companies with a digital asset services provider licence in France, we’re committed to supporting the growth of crypto within the country, working as a team to deliver an unrivalled crypto service.

Life at Luno

Culture is at the heart of everything we do, from the decisions we make to the way we work. It’s all about collaboration, about doing the right thing, about getting stuff done. Find out more about the Luno culture and what we stand for.

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Remote but reachable

The world’s changing, and how we work is too. Work no longer has to be confined to an office. At Luno, we trust everyone to make decisions on where and how they work to help them grow, succeed and deliver. Because we know you can make a meaningful, positive impact when work works for you.

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