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Customer Success

Join a team connecting Luno with its customers

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Helping customers get the most out of Luno

We’re the team connecting directly with Luno’s customers, empowering them to explore the world of crypto with confidence. We help them use and understand our product, setting them up for success. We work together, act decisively and move fast to give our customers the best possible experience of Luno.

Latest job opportunities

Want to grow your career? Take a look at some of our latest job opportunities.

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Remote but reachable

The world’s changing, and how we work is too. Work no longer has to be confined to an office. At Luno, we trust everyone to make decisions on where and how they work to help them grow, succeed and deliver. Because we know you can make a meaningful, positive impact when work works for you.

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Benefits at Luno

At Luno, we make sure you are supported with our range of benefits. Here’s just some of the benefits we offer:

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Health insurance

With our health insurance you can get support when you need it most, giving you peace of mind.

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Buy and sell your holiday

Work life balance is really important to us here at Luno, and we want to put the flexibility in your hands. That's why we give you the choice to buy and sell up to 5 annual leave days each year.

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Access to Learnerbly

Your growth is incredibly important to us, and to help you continue to develop your skills, we provide every Lunaut with a personal development budget to use on Learnerbly.

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